How to play Spider Solitaire? The beginner guide.

Classic Solitaire is one of the most popular games online. But, did you now that variations of it started to rule the internet? For instance, Spider Solitaire is in trending, being loved by players who are looking for a great time. With three levels of difficulty, this game is for everyone. So, even if you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can try it 100% free, form the comfort of your house. Moreover, Spider can be played even by accessing your smartphone browser or tablet.

In this guide, you will find all the data that builds up one of the hottest and classic card games from all around the world: Spider Solitaire. Buckle up and start a new adventure!

Remember this before playing!

Like every card game, Spider has it’s own rules. They are logical and easy to follow. Below we prepared the set of edicts and data that you need to know before making a move on this card game.

  • The game is played in one person.
  • The deck consists of 52 cards. This is also known as stock.
  • You have to arrange the cards in descending order from the King to the Ace to complete a sequence – K, Q, J,10,…,3,2, A.
  • Once you complete a sequence, the cards will be drawn on the right side of the game window represented by the suit (spade, heart, clubs, and diamonds).
  • You are allowed to split any sequence if you find better cards that complete it. 
  • If there are no movements to make during the game, you can click on the deck (placed below, on the right side).
  • You can click on the card deck for 5 times only. If you can’t make any moves after using the last deck, you lost.
  • You can go back with one movement if you press the “UNDO” button.
  • The game has 3 levels of difficulty, based on the card suits (1 suit, 2 suits or 4 suits)

The first level of Spider Solitaire. One suit. 

Welcome to the first level of the game! Represented by the breathtaking spades, 1 suit is great for the beginners.

In comparison with the medium and high difficulty levels, you don’t have to worry about the color combinations. 1 suit is all about the spades, meaning that the descending sequence can be completed in a heartbeat by making the right moves from the beginning. However, if you are not satisfied by the movement you just did, you can press the „UNDO” button anytime. 

You are allowed to move a card to another that is one point bigger (example 5 over 6; 10 over 12, Ace over 2). Also, you can move sequences to other ones (7,6,5,4,3,2, Ace below J,10,9,8) or to a card that has a one-point difference (8,7,6,5,4 over 9; 3,2, Ace over 4, and so on). If you remain with an empty column you can move any sequence or card to it.

The second level of Spider Solitaire. Two Suits.

Increase the difficulty of the game by playing 2 suits. Now you have to make descending sequences for both hearts and spades. The complexity of this level is much higher than the other one because every move counts. 

You are allowed to move hearts over spades if their value is one point higher/lower (for example you can move 5 of hearts over 6 of spades or 4 of spades over 5 of hearts and so on). Also, each player can layer their descending cards using the same suit & color (4 of spades, over 5 of spades over 6 of spades or 2 of hearts over 3 of hearts over 4 of hearts). Why? To clear a sequence, you need cards of the same suit & color, so pay attention while playing tot his detail. If you can manage to win the medium-difficulty level, then one thing is a guarantee – you shall try the most difficult part of the game: 4 suits!

The third level of Spider Solitaire. The four suit.

On this level, your knowledge, strategies, and movements will be primordial. A wrong decision can make you lose the game. Keep in mind that 4 suits are made by experts to experts, so get ready to play the most difficult level of Spider Solitaire! 4 suits, means that you need to make all the descending combinations (from K to Ace) for the club, the diamond, the heart, and the spade. 

You are allowed to move any card of color/suit over one that is one point lower/higher (for example 5 of spades over 6 of hearts over 7 of clubs and 8 of diamonds or 9 of hearts over 10 of clubs over J of spades, etc.). Also, you can make sequences of the same suit and color. If you manage this, you are more likely to win this game. Why? Because only when you make a complete sequence of descending cards of the same suit&colour you can dismiss it and win points. When accomplishing this, the sequence moves to the representative suit (in the right part of the game table).

A word of advice for those who want to beat the game

There are certainly some tricks and recommendations that can help our players win Spider Solitaire. Keep them in mind and become a pro.

  1. Try to build sequences of the same suit as much as you can – especially if you play the 2 suits or 4 suits level.
  2. Analyze carefully every card that is on the deck and start to build your cards. 
  3. When you empty a column from the tableau, move the card/the sequence that you are not using for the moment to make other combinations. 
  4. Pay attention to every move and to forget to be patient.