Most important terms that you need to know while playing Spider Solitaire?

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Like any other card game, Spider Solitaire is defined by some terms and actions that help the player. In the next rows, we will talk more about each one of them, so take notes and read them before starting to play.

  • Deck. To play Solitaire, you need to know that the deck of cards is one of the most important elements of this game. It is always composed of 52 cards, but, depending on the Spider level that you choose, the number may differ, taking into consideration that there are games that are played with 2 or more decks per game.
  • The card layout. Over there, you must know that the game respects a clear pattern in which cards are getting to be distributed over the tableau.
  • Tableau. In the tableau, there are the rows and the columns of the game. If you remain without moves and choose to click on the deck, a new set of cards will be distributed on the next row of the tableau.
  • Suit. A suit is strictly represented by the symbol engraved on the playing card. There are only 4 suites in a deck of cards: the diamond, the club, the spade, and of course, the heart. Depending on the chosen level, you can play with one suit (spade), two suits (heart and spade) and four suits (heart, diamond, spade, and club).
  • Build the cards. This is the most important action found in Spider Solitaire. You have to build up sequences in a descending order to win the game, depending on the chosen level that you try. You move one card on another one that is one point lower.
  • Descending sequence. This is represented by the combos you make during the game, starting from the King, Queen, Jack, 10, to the Ace. To form a complete pile, you have to make this descending order. 
  • The undo button. If you make any mistake during the game, note that you can always turn back the time to the previous move, by pressing on the circular arrow that plays the “undo” action.
  • Blocked. You are going to be blocked on the game if there are no other moves left to make. Sometimes, even if you undo your last movement you may not have what to do next.

Keep in mind these terms before playing Spider Solitaire, as they are the game foundation.

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