Is it possible to win Spider with 4 suits?

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The last level of Spider Solitaire is the hardest one. There is no secret that the 4 suits game can be beaten only if players pay enough attention to each movement made during the game. If you are inexperienced, the chances to conquer the game are lower due to the lack of experience. However, if you practice and play the game often you will develop strategies and be more aware of the possible sequences that can be formed. 

Get ready to learn more tricks and strategies that you can apply in the last Spider level to increase your chances of winning. I found the information below. 

What can you to beat & win the game?

  • The first advice is to be patient and think more about the cards that you want to move. If you consider that you make a wrong movement, press the undo button represented by the circular arrow. This button is placed on the upper part of the screen next to the sound, the „?” and the „X” button. Doing so, you will be redirected to the last movement that you did and can change it. 
  • Always try to make sequences taking into consideration the suit and the color. As faster as you make descending combinations from K to the A, as quicker you can finish the game and become the winner. 
  • Empty the columns to place other cards in the tableau. Eliminating cards and adding the ones you need to make new sequences is ideal. The free space will function as a storage room. If you free up as many columns as possible and form the desired sequences to combat the game, you will be able to build the piles much easier.
  • Think outside the box and try to discover the hidden cards by moving the others. Making this you are going to open the road for other movements.
  • Try to organize each movement while taking the descending combos from the cards that are higher in their rank. Which are those? The King, the Queen, the Jack and the 10. There is a higher possibility to complete a sequence by doing this move. 
  • Remove the suit fast and quickly, think about developing other possible combos to gain more points and be one step closer to the victory. Think fast, but take your time and have patience. Any mistake can be solved, and, don’t be sad if the game will announce to you that there are no more possible movements that you can make. Experience is the key for your winning, so don’t stop practicing the final level.

The last level of Spider Solitaire is quite hard to beat, but not impossible. If you play it often, think about all the possible movements and pay attention to make the descending combinations using the same color and suit, the chances to win will improve.

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