Is every game of spider solitaire winnable?

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If you are an avid fan of Spider Solitaire you should know that not every game is winnable if you don’t think about every move in particular. Even if you are a new player or an experienced one, Spider is one of the most popular versions of this classic game, having similar rules and differences. 

The hardest level of this card game is the one that you can play with four suits. The club, the diamond, the spade, and the hearts need to be battled. Why is it important to know this thing? Well, for starters, the third level is the most struggling one even for the veterans of this card game. Why? Most likely because you need to pay attention to every card that forms the descending combinations from K to A. A few mistakes can cost you the victory. 

If you are curious to know more details about Spider please read the following article. 

What are the chances to defeat the last level? 

According to a study, there is an 80% possibility to win every game of Spider. The first two levels – the first suit and the two suits- are easy to medium (as difficulty), and can be defeated faster. The descending combinations are formed easier because, in the first level you play only with the spades, and in the second level you play with both spades and hearts. 

As I said earlier, things can start to change if you choose to access the four suits level, which is also the difficult one. Even so, what you can do to raise the chances of winning? In the next paragraph, you will find some tricks and tips that may help you.

Tips and tricks raising your winning chances on Spider

You played Spider for a long time but still, you couldn’t defeat the last level or you were to close to do it? This means that something went wrong, but you don’t have to worry because we have some tricks and teams that can help you. Check them out! 

1. Pay attention from the beginning if the moved card can help you make a descending combination. 

2. We recommend you to try and make empty piles and to eliminate the column as fast as you can, to start and have empty spaces in the tableau. Doing this, you can move other cards to make the sending sequences. 

3. If you play the last level, try as much as you can to form sequences of the same color and symbol as much as possible. 

4. Stop the piles, manage each column and delete the previous movement by pressing the UNDO button. 

5. Start to build the sequence from the K if it’s possible.

6. Do not forget to be patient and think about the strategies that you may apply to be crowned the King of Spider. 

Read carefully these tips and tricks, be aware of them and do not forget that practice makes everything perfect! Take your time and master Spider – it is not impossible!

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