How is Spider different from regular Solitaire?

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There is no secret that Solitaire is one of the most popular online card games. However, there are so many variations of it, that it is hard to choose the one that suits you the best. Lately, one of the games that captured many people’s hearts is Spider Solitaire. To understand it, it’s important to know-how is different than the classic Solitaire card game. So, buckle up, because we will tell you everything that you have to know. But, before doing this, please note the following terms:

  • Solitaire. It is a game that requires the presence of one player. Also, the term “Solitaire” evolved from the Latin “solitauris”, French, and English at the begging of the 18th century.
  • Symbol/Suit. Before playing any variation of Solitaire, know the suits/symbols of the game. In each deck, you will find the spade, the heart, the club, and the diamond.
  • Tableau. In every game of Solitaire, the tableau is rigorously represented by the rows and the columns, where the cards are ready to be distributed.
  • Deck. Every deck has not more or less than 52 cards. Depending on the chosen Solitaire game, you can play with one or more decks.
  • Stock. All the cards that are not used in the game are also named as the STOCK.

Now that you are getting to know these general terms, we can level up and learn what are the differences found in Spider Solitaire and Classic Solitaire.

Spider vs. Classic Solitaire

  • The most important differences between the two card games are represented by the level of complexity and card suits. Why is that? In the regular version of the game, all clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades are required, unlike Spider, where you have to choose with how many suits are going to play – one suit (spade), two suits (heart and spade), 4 suits (diamond, club, spade, heart).
  • Moreover, the classic game has the same level of difficulty, in comparison with Spider. In Spider, there are not more than 3 levels: the one suit, the two suits, and the four suits.
  • Another difference between the two games is the dealing of the cards. In Spider, when you stay without moves you can choose to click on the deck and cards are placed in a new tableau row. In the regular version, while pressing on the deck, the game supplies you with one more card.
  • To move a pile in Spider Solitaire, you have to build your sequences using the same suits and colors. You are able to place cards of different suits on top of each other, but not making the sequences unless you respect this rule. In the traditional Solitaire, you are allowed to move the entire sequence, without taking into consideration the suits.

Now that you know the main differences between Spider and the regular version of the game, you are already a pro player! Do not forget to play Spider Solitaire on our website, free and safe, from your tablet or mobile phone. Gain experience and beat this single-player card game!

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