Can you lose at Spider?

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Many players enjoy and try Solitaire daily, even if they are not going to beat the game every time. Like any card game, Solitaire demands experience, a lot of attention and concentration to be beaten. New players, have to try out the first level, which is also the simplest one, played only with the spades. Why? To gain experience and maximizes the chances to be the winner, you have to understand the game and it’s principles first. After doing so, level up and try the 2 suits card game (played with the spades and hearts), and after, try and apply your knowledge on the 4 suits game which is also the hardest of them all. 

So, you will start to develop experience, but there aren’t 100% chances to win every time. Mistakes can be easily made, and decrease the winning possibility. What is the most common error that destroys every strategy and moves that you did during the game? Check the list below and note them.

Top errors made at Spider Solitaire 

Not thinking about your movements is the common mistake that you can do. If you act quickly and try to make a sequence without taking into consideration the following actions and the next steps there is a problem. Why? In the end, the game may announce to you than any other movements are no longer possible and you can easily faster as you think you could. You can still make things right by clicking the undo button which will lead you to the previous step. This error is more likely to appear on the 4 suits level.

It’s important to empty as many columns as possible and to turn over the hidden cards. Many players concentrate on the forming of a sequence, having a clear order in their mind, but this strategy is poorly utilized. Overthinking may lead you to lose the game. Make the combinations by using the given cards, and try to clear the columns to be able to move other cards that are not going to help you in it. Also, revealing a hidden card is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The good part is that you can form a sequence faster, the bad news is that if you reveal a card that is not helpful and has nothing to do with it you are most likely to lose.  

There is a high possibility to lose the last level of Spider (4 suits) if you are not able to build the descending combinations using the highest cards at first. This is not a rule, but making a sequence from K, Q, J and 10  can help you complete the piles of cards often. 

Final Verdict

Experienced or not, Spider Solitaire demands concentration and attention for the ones that want to beat all of its levels. Not every game is winnable, especially the last level known as the 4 suits. Take your time, learn the game and entertain yourself with it, even if you are going to win or lose.  

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